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Hammerware worked on projects for clients, one world-wide published title and is currently finishing a self-published Family Farm game. Prior Hammerware our team members worked passionately on indie games in various teams.

Goodfolks / Dobří Hospodáři

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Goodfolks are simple but realistic-looking simulation of countrylife. You can only cook what you harvested, milked or fished. Play on PC or mobile device.
Available in Q4 2012 for iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.
Visit Goodfolks website for more information.

Family Farm

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Help families manage their work and expand their farms. You will be planting crops, breeding animals, cooking meals for workers and when the time comes... harvesting your crops! Characters gain skills, have needs and you need to keep them happy so that they work efficiently.
Released in April 2011 for Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Visit Family Farm website for more information.
Read Family Farm developer blog

Aquadelic GT / Powerboat GT (in North America)

[Aquadelic GT screenshot] [Aquadelic GT screenshot] [Aquadelic GT screenshot] [Aquadelic GT screenshot]
A boat racing game in the style of a kart racer with nitros and wacky weapons. Player has freedom to move about the world between races to buy a new boat or repaint favourite one in a dry dock, find a better sponsor, look for some luxury residence to purchase, sail with yacht, pilot seaplane and so on.
Developed in cooperation with 3D People under their Arcade Moon label. Published for PC in Q4 2007 by Jowood / Dreamcatcher, 1C and SeVeN M.
Visit Aquadelic GT official website (external link) for more information and downloads.
Purchase a copy of Aquadelic GT on Steam.

Top Gunner

[“Heavenly Battles” screenshot 1/4] [“Heavenly Battles” screenshot 2/4] [“Heavenly Battles” screenshot 3/4] [“Heavenly Battles” screenshot 4/4]
Rail shooter game developed for a coin-op machine of the Taiwan-based manufacturer Injoy. One or two players fight their campaign in turrets of a battleship, heavy fighter and island defense. The game is controlled with mounted guns.
Watch Top Gunner gameplay on YouTube (external link).

100% indie products!

Starship Trooper

Isometric alien shooter taking the best from Alien Breed series. The title was embraced by players mostly for elaborated storyline based more faithfully on the book of R. A. Henlein than the movie. Released in 2004 as freeware by Cybergames.
Watch Starship Trooper trailer on YouTube (external link).
[Starship Trooper screenshot] [Starship Trooper screenshot] [Starship Trooper screenshot] [Starship Trooper screenshot]

Nature of the matter

Experimental point'n'click adventure featuring animated clay characters. It was put together in two weeks with the aim to try out this animation technique and adventure genre. Released in 2005 as freeware by Camera Obscura.
[Nature of the Matter screenshot] [Nature of the Matter screenshot] [Nature of the Matter screenshot] [Nature of the Matter screenshot]


Medieval online strategy game running in browser using Flash. The gameplay was asynchronous with a incremental refilling of time points. Players could build cities, recruit armies, siege cities and control battles similar to HOMAM series. The title was operated in 2003 - 2005 with game instances for up to 50 players. PUPworX team was unlucky to find a service provider or business partner at that time.
Watch Monarchia trailer on YouTube (external link).
[Monarchia screenshot] [Monarchia screenshot] [Monarchia screenshot] [Monarchia screenshot]


Top-down car racing game featuring legendary DDR vehicle Trabant. We are mostly proud of physics, software rendered 3D, engine sound and serial-link multiplayer. Released in 2001 as shareware by PUPworX.
Watch Trabi 2 trailer on YouTube (external link).
[Trabi screenshot] [Trabi screenshot] [Trabi screenshot] [Trabi screenshot]